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The first vacuum cleaners were invented during the 1860's. Fortunately, floor cleaning equipment and scrubbers have completely changed ever since then. Daniel Hess created the first carpet sweeper in Iowa, USA. His model had a rotating brush along with an elaborate system of bellows located on top to generate suction. We are fortunate now that scrubber equipment and vacuum cleaners need a lot less effort to run and are electrically powered.

The 4 Key Kinds of Floor Scrubber
At present, offered on the market are four different types of floor scrubbing machines. Each and every equipment comes with their very own special features and ability to do certain tasks making them ideal for different market sectors and work environments. Several models are battery operated, some are compact and can be effortlessly packed away and stored, several models are a ride-on type. The standard model is where the operator walks behind the equipment and guides it all-around the part which requires scrubbing. There are likewise floor scrubbing equipment capable of cleaning big parts all on their own in view of the fact that they have a computer or artificial mind. These automatic products can be programmed to work without a worker.

1. Fold-away Floor Scrubbers
The fold-away scrubber is perfect for small work environments with a restricted amount of area. Floor cleaning equipment and vacuums are normally tucked away into storage areas and small cupboards. This is when the folding machinery kind comes in useful. With this particular kind of floor scrubber, the main arm which is used to be able to maneuver the machinery can be folded in several areas, making the machinery compact if it is not being utilized.

2. Mains & Battery Operated
Mains operated floor scrubbers are a lot more popular compared to the battery operated model, yet the battery operated version is ideal for locations with restricted utility sockets or sockets are too far from work site and extended power options are not available. The battery operated version is best suited for small places like washrooms with hard to reach places that would be awkward to clean with a trailing power lead. The battery could be charged and utilized for around 4 hours before re-charging is required. The battery can also be changed if needed.

3. Ride-on or Walking machines
One more great choice for a floor scrubber if the area you need it for is large similar to warehouses and other industrial sites are the walking or ride-on scrubber machinery. These models would allow the operator to maneuver the machines all-around corners and obstacles easily and efficiently. These types of floor scrubbing machinery come outfitted with a 250L water tank and another tank to accumulate the dirty water. Walking devices are similar products that can be operated by somebody walking at the back of the equipment and steering the scrubber.

4. Robotic Floor Scrubber devices
A robot floor scrubber can be one more option to consider. These versions are ideal if you require a high specification floor scrubber to clean a large area which has minimal obstructions. These models have sensors installed so as to allow the machine the ability to avoid doors, walls, stairs and humans. It could finish the cleaning task with ease once you start the unit up and set the program, it would clean all by itself. These floor scrubbers are proficient at cleaning 1000 square feet with each 4 hour charge.

Floor Scrubbing Technology
Businesses need to find out the model which best suit their requirements in view of the fact that there are many various models proficient at serving all their requirements.

To summarize, ride-on floor scrubbers provide the worker with more visibility and a lot more comfort while working on long shifts, along with the capacity to clean for hours without a refill or re-charge. Foldable scrubbers are great for accessing small and inaccessible parts in washrooms. Robot models permit the cleaning to take place all by itself, enabling people to carry out tasks elsewhere. Battery operated floor scrubbers are best suited for cleaning areas away from utility sockets. These models have the additional benefit of not getting the power lead twisted underneath the machinery or all-around door frames.

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