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Fill Patterns for Brushes and Brooms

There are a variety of fill patterns utilized for sweeper brushes like: Single Row, Double Row, Chevron, Patrol Brush and Herringbone.

Double Row or DR is one of the more popular fill patterns used for sweeping. This pattern is extremely handy allowing for bulky stuff to be trapped in the spaces between each row, while the bristles are picking up finer debris stuff like sand and dust.

The SR or also called Single Row fill pattern is highly suggested when the sweeping is being performed in sandy or dusty conditions. This particular pattern has likewise been known as high-density or full-fill pattern. The SR pattern specializes in picking up fine litter only and not whatever type of bulky debris.

Intended for high-speed sweeping in huge areas, the Patrol Brush has a V-pattern with fewer rows with more tufts per row giving more space between rows. This specialized design allows the brush to efficiently pick up large to medium debris things like for instance cans, paper and leaves at a faster speed.

Another pattern which utilizes the V-Shape arrangement is the Herringbone pattern. This arrangement on the other hand, is only found in the DR or also known as Double Row pattern and is best for medium to light litter applications. At regular sweeping speeds, the litter is directed closer to the center of the hopper and can be loaded more efficiently.

The Chevron style has been designed for use on cylindrical scrub brushes. As the bristles agitate the litter loose from the ground, the Chevron style directs the solution to the center of the scrubbing path. This particular design is comprised of a single row of full-fill to be able to keep the bristles on the surface at all times. This particular brush is designated as a scrubber due to its filament length, as the bristle which are short cannot flick or sweep the debris off of the ground.

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