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Advance Scrubber Parts

Imagine how tedious it would really be to clean up your own house right after having a large party, with no help from cleaning machines. Back in the day, the time carpets and upholstery had the dust beat out of them manually; brooms, cleaning cloths and brushes were the leading cleaning materials during that time.

P.A. Fisker, the man who founded Nilfisk-Advance, was an electrical engineer who really loved working with electrical motors. Founding the company in 1906, he started to make motors to drive drills, fans, machine tools and coffee grinders. Mr. Fisker's dream from the start was to own a worldwide business advertising goods globally.

The Nilfisk C1 was a revolutionary breakthrough in the cleaning industry. Mr. Fisker invented an amazing, ground breaking vacuum cleaner which can be operated by a single person since it only weighed 17.5 kilos! This creation came in a time where other cleaning equipment were massive and required at least 4 operators, hence, the Nilfisk C1 transformed everything and developed the manner we clean forever. The mastermind behind these first cleaning machines remains unparalleled. Cleaning equipment offer a brilliant solution to an existing dilemma; things get filthy and should be cleaned on a regular basis, without too much effort.

Little by little, the company Nilfisk-Advance grew throughout the years. In the the early part of the 1980's the business grew more rapidly when the company became a part of the NKT Group. With new owners on board, they focused on driving Nilfisk-Advance forward within the industry, aspiring to be an active worldwide player in manufacturing professional cleaning machines. Nilfisk-Advance is presently found in all parts of the globe by steadily obtaining numerous small businesses so as to grow their product range and presence in new markets. They are really proud to offer different cleaning solutions to meet each and every requirement.

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