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Nilfisk Advance Sweeper

Nilfisk Advance Sweeper Parts - Imagine how tedious it will really be to clean up your house after having a large party, with no help from cleaning equipment. Back in the day, when carpets and upholstery had the dirt beat out of them by hand; brooms, cleaning cloths and brushes were the leading cleaning supplies of that time.

The founder of Nilfisk-Advance, P.A. Fisker, started as an electrical engineer who liked to work on electrical motors. After starting his company in the year 1906, he began to produce motors to drive drills, coffee grinders, fans and machine tools. Mr. Fisker's dream from the beginning was to own a global company selling goods globally.

The Nilfisk C1 was a tremendous breakthrough for the cleaning business. This ground breaking vacuum cleaner, invented by Mr. Fisker, weighed just 17.5 kilos and can be operated by a single person. This creation came in a time where many cleaning equipment were huge and needed 4 or more operators, hence, the Nilfisk C1 changed everything and evolved the method we clean forever. The genius behind these first cleaning equipment remains unparalleled. Cleaning machines provide an excellent solution to an ongoing crisis; things get dirty and should be cleaned regularly, without too much effort.

Gradually but steadily, Nilfisk-Advance grew throughout the years. In the 1980s, this development truly happened the time the company became a part of the NKT Group. Their new owners' determination and concentration made Nilfisk-Advance take a huge leap forward within the industry, aiming to be among the largest universal players in the market of professional cleaning machines. Nilfisk-Advance is currently represented in every part of the world due to steadily acquiring a lot of smaller companies so as to grow their product selection and presence in new markets. They are proud to present a variety of cleaning solutions to fit every requirement.

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