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Sweeper Parts Chatham-Kent - Chatham-Kent is the biggest municipality within southwestern Ontario. At 2,458 square kilometres, it is the 12th biggest municipality by area in Canada. During the year 1998 Kent County and its municipalities merged to become the modern Chatham-Kent. Almost half of the municipality's 110,000 people live within the previous Chatham City. Other population centres are Blenheim, Dresden, Wallaceburg, Tilbury and Ridgetown.

Chatham-Kent is situated within Ontario's industrial heartland and has a well developed automotive and agricultural sectors. The area has been dubbed "The Classic Car Capital of Canada." Gray-Dort Motors Ltd., which was amongst Canada's earliest car manufacturers, was originally started within Chatham. What's more, Hank Chrysler of the Chrysler Company, was born here. AutoLiv Canada, which manufactures airbags, is situated in Tilbury. The world's biggest vintage automobile auction house, RM Auctions, and RM Restorations, the world's largest vintage automobile restoration company, are situated within Blenheim.

Chatham-Kent's energy and agricultural sectors are thriving. Amongst the biggest ethanol plants in the world, Commercial Alcohols, is situated there. The municipality is the head office for biotechnology company Pioneer Hi-Bred Limited. Omstead Foods is the 2nd largest frozen vegetable processor within Canada and the largest producer of fresh fish. Thompsons Limited is a third-generation, family owned and operated company headquartered within Blenheim serving the agricultural industry with a network of modern elevators situated across the United States and Southern Ontario. Thompsons likewise has retail centres selling seed, fertilizers, crop protectants and other agricultural services. Under its Hyland Seeds brand, the business sells popcorn, seed and bean products. Chatham-Kent attracts a lot of foreign labourers to work on area farms all through the growing season. The headquarters of Union Gas are located in Chatham. The land along the shore of Lake Erie has proven perfect for the establishment of many wind farms.

Chatham is the retail hub for the surrounding population. Big-box stores are particularly numerous at the north end of St. Clair Street in Chatham and on Communication Road within Blenheim.

Mallory Industries is an international company based in Blenheim, and within Sioux City, Iowa. The company supplies wash brushes and squeegees to North American retailers. The successful business was started by George W. Mallory in the year 1891 within Guilds. The factory started in Mallory's home and moved to Blenheim in 1914. Its present location is on Communication Road south of Blenheim, where it located in 1957.

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