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Sweeper Parts Hamilton - George Hamilton, who was the son of Queenston founder and entrepreneur, Robert Hamilton; created Hamilton town, Ontario. George Hamilton bought the land from James Durand, who was a local Member of the British Legislative Assembly after the War of 1812. Initially, the town was not Gore District's most influential centre, however as the city grew, increasingly more well-known buildings were made, specifically during the 19th century. In 2001, Hamilton City was formed from the merger of the Regional Municipality of Hamilton-Wentworth and its six municipalities: Ancaster, Hamilton, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, and Stoney Creek.

The city of Hamilton loves sports. It is home to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame and Museum, and is even well-known for hosting the prestigious Canadian Open golf championships four times. The closest team for the locals is Ti-Cats, the Tiger-Cats Football Team of "Eat 'em raw" fame for over 135 years of games. For recreational activities, it's safe to say that Geography defines Hamilton City. One thing to watch out for is the Niagara Escarpment, a United Nations World Biosphere which cuts through the middle portion of Hamilton City. It is recognized for providing tourists and visitors waterfalls, trails, and vistas. Lake Ontario and Hamilton Harbour provides recreational activities such as trails, boating and parks. Bird watchers could find the city a haven of exotic and wildlife birds, because Hamilton is among the major locations for bird migration. In addition, the city has approximately 65 waterfalls, which makes it the "City of Waterfalls" within Canada. It is said that Hamilton city has more waterfalls compared to whatever other city of similar size in the globe.

Within the city of Hamilton, there are various attractions to be enjoyed, comprising the African Lion Safari, which showcases over one thousand exotic birds, Misumu Bay Play, live animal shows, and a lot more. There is even the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton city. This particular museum is home to more than 40 aircrafts from the second World War to military jets. Likewise existing within the Heritage Museum are vintage aircraft flying, restaurants, displays, guided tours, gift shops, and a lot more. The mother church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Hamilton is the Cathedral of Christ the King. The church of the Anglican diocese of Niagara is Christs' Church Cathedral, that dates back from the year 1835. Confederation Park provides Lakeland Centre, Wild Waterworks, Hutch's Restaurant, Lakeland Go-Karts, Adventure Village, Hamilton Beach Trail and Baranga's on the Beach.

Manufacturing is the most essential economic activity in Ontario, and the Toronto-Hamilton region is considered to be the most highly industrialized part of the country. 60 percent of Canada's steel are made by Dofasco. One more major player in the scene is Stelco, and in the latter part, the United States Steel Corporation. This has made the city of Hamilton the "Steel Capital of Canada." During 2003, Hamilton City started making a 30-year growth management plan which plans to erect a massive industrial park centered around Hamilton Airport. The proposal, which is called the Airport Employment Growth District, is being primed to be the solution to the city's shortage of employment lands.

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