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A quality control program

It’s not the chemical itself, according to the EU. It’s a byproduct of DPA that occurs when it breaks down, called nitrosamines. It has long been known that nitrosamines are a carcinogen. It has banned the import of any apples containing DPA of over 0.1 parts per million (ppm) which began in March.

Apple producers in both Canada and the United States use DPA on non-organic apples. In Canada, its use on apples is 0.42 ppm.

“It’s not used on all varieties,” Jennifer DeEll, who leads a quality control program for the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, told Global News. “Within North America, it’s still allowed up to 5 ppm.”

The Pest Management Regulatory Agency, a division of Health Canada, has initiated a special review of 23 active ingredients, one of which is DPA.

When asked how long the review would take, Health Canada said in a statement to Global News, “Diphenylamine is currently under special review based on the European Union decision. During the special review, Health Canada will assess the concerns identified in the European decision. Once the assessment is completed, the proposed decision will be published for consultation before making a final decision.”

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